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About Us

Asquith Early Learning Centre team are vibrant and committed early childhood educators

Our Centre

Asquith Early Learning Centre (AELC) is a custom built childcare facility for children aged 0 to 6 years.


The centre provides structured programs for children in three age groups:

  • babies aged 0 to 2 years

  • toddlers aged 2 to 3 years

  • pre-schoolers aged 4 to 6 years.

AELC opened in 2015 to meet the needs of young children and their families. It has two age-speciifc outdoor play areas, separate age rooms, an onsite kitchen with daily food provided by Kids Gourmet Food, specialised baby room, a laundry service and disability access to the premises including an internal lift.

Our Philosophy

At Asquith Early Learning Centre, we believe that every child is special and unique.


Our educators believe that all children have the right to be treated equally and with respect, regardless of culture, lifestyle, language, ability or gender.


We value the reciprocal relationships that we build with children, families and staff and we strive to make AELC a Centre that provides a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment.


We believe families play the most important role in their child’s early learning and development and strongly value and respect the insight and tradition that each family brings. We seek to involve families in the centre’s decision making.  


Children learn through their play interests and meaningful interaction with others. Under the guiding principles of the Early Years Learning Framework, educators use an ongoing planning cycle to assess and document children’s learning and to provide a holistic program based on each child’s current interests, strengths, needs and experiences.


We value our high quality team who provide the best care for our children. The centre management encourage staff to continuously update their skills and build on their professional knowledge.


We respect the Indigenous custodians of this area and connect with local community by acknowledging and incorporating the resources available.

Sa Chen, Founder of AELC

Sa Chen is a passionate ambassador for early childhood education and care. Sa oversees all aspects of the day to day running of Asquith Early Learning Centre and its sister centre, Waratah Pre-school Berowra.

Sa understands the time pressures and flexibility needs of all parents and carers of small children, ensuring the centre provides the best possible care and nurturing to support the unique needs of your child.

Keeping up with small children needs energy and dedication. Asquith Early Learning Centre has up to twenty staff who work across the centre's three rooms or provide services for the centre overall.


Staffing the centre so that more experienced educators work with those newer to childcare is a mark of Sa's quality approach, ensuring that knoweldge and experience is shared across the team. AELC has no less than four qualified early childhood teachers who bring their expertise and commitment to the daily care of the children at the centre.

Educator to child ratios are always higher than legally required. Having more staff available than the minimum government requirement not only facilitates mentoring and learning, it also helps to keep energy levels high throughout the day.

Every day at AELC is structured, and follows a seasonal routine (winter / summer). Often activities for the day are themed around the childrens' or their families' interests. We welcome parental and carer involvement in the development of our program.

Asquith Early Learning Centre

Kristy P.

"My children have been attending Asquith Early Learning Centre since it opened in March 2015. Since then, I have watched them thrive under the care of fantastic staff. They are always excited about going for the day and are constantly learning new skills - what more could I ask for!?"

Tamara M.

"My daughter has been attending Asquith Early Learning Centre since it opened in 2015.

It has been wonderful being able to drop her off each morning knowing her every need will be meet and she will come home happy, wanting to tell her family all the exciting things that happened in her day.

Sa and her team have done wonders setting up the centre from the beginning and I've been impressed by the commitment of the staff to providing a stimulating, educational, fun and safe environment for the children.


There have been lots of great initiatives from learning about families and different cultures to craft, cooking, sustainability and lots of outdoor play."

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